Social Media Success: A Quick Guide to Amplifying Your DC Practice

  • An impactful social media presence can be advantageous to your defined contribution (DC) practice, but it is critical to understand how to focus your effort. 
  • Here, we outline how social media can help DC specialists efficiently reach more people, easily connect with many different audiences, and build a digital storefront.

Why a Social Media Presence Matters

Your competitors are talking to your clients on social media platforms, so you should be too. Social platforms provide a new way to grow your practice, enabling you to connect with millions of leads and clients globally. Lastly, your social profiles are part of your digital store-front and a strong presence could be helpful when selling your business.

The Role of Each Platform

Each platform plays an important, but different role in your social media strategy.

  • LinkedIn allows you to make professional connections, communicate your experience and what sets you apart.
  • Twitter is a news source that you can use to stay current on industry trends, while participating in relevant conversations.
  • Facebook can help bridge your personal and professional connections, often generating new leads.
  • Instagram enables you to humanize your brand, share authentic but professional posts that could resonate with clients and prospects on a personal level.

How to Prioritize Your Time

Before you get started, it’s important to make sure that you understand what your current online presence looks like to clients and leads. You will need to have up-to-date social guidelines in place, and a clear idea of how you want to convey your practice digitally.

Though all platforms are important, LinkedIn requires the most attention but could potentially have the greatest business impact.

More Insights

15 May 2019 · By Gregory Porteous

Once you’ve enhanced your profiles, upkeep shouldn’t be arduous. Just one hour a week can make a huge difference in the success of your social strategy.

  • Spend 5 minutes each day responding to comments and questions
  • Spend 5 minutes each day liking and commenting on others’ posts
  • Spend 10 minutes each week following new people to expand your network

While maintaining your social presence may seem secondary to other sales activities, in today’s changing market environment a digital strategy could help evolve your business and is critical to consider.

Please contact us for the full quick guide, which provides more detail on how to get started and focus areas that could drive success.


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