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Strategies & Capabilities

OCIO Solutions

Understanding and addressing complex investment challenges is our expertise.

Our Expertise

What you should know ?

We are experts in OCIO, both in semi-delegated advisory partnerships as well as fully delegated solutions. For more than 25 years, we’ve guided our clients through many market cycles and helped them achieve their goals quickly and cost-effectively.

Our Capabilities

True Open Architecture

We are able to work with whatever managers and vehicles you currently have in your plans. We have built deep relationships with managers across the universe of public and private asset classes. If we don’t already cover a specific manager in your portfolio, we will initiate research on that manager.

Alternatives Expertise

Alternative asset classes are valuable sources of alpha and diversification—while also adding complexity in terms of managing risk and liquidity. Our team’s significant experience allows our clients to optimize their use of alternatives on both a strategic and tactical level.

Coordination of Multiple Plans

We have experience working with complex situations and are able to provide recommendations on how to operate more efficiently and when sub-plans should be consolidated. We focus on assessing risk at the total client relationship level and managing that risk through strategic allocations and tactical portfolio decisions.

ESG Integration

As a leader in socially responsible investing, we are able to create customized portfolios that are designed to reflect each client’s unique priorities without compromising long-term returns.

Oversight of Service Providers

Our clients often use a complex web of outside service providers. Serving as an extension of your staff, we provide oversight of your third-party partners and ensure that they follow best practices.

Robust, Comprehensive Reporting

We provide reporting that goes beyond simply showing performance by manager or asset class. Instead, we create customized reports for our clients that show risk, asset allocation, and consolidated performance.

Exceptional Client Experiences

Our commitment to our clients is built on a foundation of strong governance and driven by three equal and essential attributes. Read our Five Questions to Ask An OCIO and Selecting an OCIO

Direct Access to Investment Professionals

We’ve designed our team structure to create a direct line of communication between you and your investment professionals. Each client team is headed by two seasoned investment professionals:

Client Executive

Serves as your primary day-to-day contact and ensures that your specific goals and objectives are at the center of all decisions made throughout our investment governance model.

Investment Strategist

Works closely with you to design and update a strategic asset allocation and de-risking framework that is flexible, prudent, and effective.

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