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Market Updates

Cyrus Taraporevala, President & CEO, shares our response to Covid-19 and how we're ensuring our teams around the world can continue to serve client needs.

Our Approach

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

A Better Way to Carbon-Proof Your Portfolio

Finding companies adapting to the new world of climate risk.

Active Quantitative Equity (AQE)

How a defensive equity strategy can help investors better manage market volatility.

Index Investing

Our research shows trading ahead of index changes can lock in additional returns.

Defined Contribution

Target date funds designed to deliver guaranteed lifetime income.

Our Capabilities

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Whether clients want to manage risk, align investments to their values, or pursue more sustainable performance, we rigorously assess the environmental, social and governance issues to inform better decision making.

Our Clients

We partner with many of the world's largest, most sophisticated investors and financial intermediaries to help them reach their goals through a rigorous, research-driven investment process spanning both indexing and active disciplines.