Emerging Markets


Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets (EM) growth is likely to quicken this year — there’s a hint of a party mood in the air, but watch out for mood swings and take a selective approach.

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Emerging Equities

Market Commentary

Are Emerging Markets De-Coupling?

EM equity performance is correlating less with that of Developed Markets shares. We look at the reasons why.

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ESG Leaders in EM and Small Cap Outperform Laggards

Read how EM and small cap companies are increasingly distinguishing themselves in the ESG universe.

Emerging Markets in 2018

There are four fundamental factors that should sustain EM growth over 2018: a pick-up in global trade; higher commodity prices; a weaker US dollar; and monetary policy shifting to a pro-growth agenda.

Emerging Market Debt

Portfolio Insights

Emerging Market Debt: Hard Currency or Local Currency?

Investors in emerging market debt need to consider whether to buy hard currency or local currency bonds as they have different characteristics.


EM Bond Investors Demand Pound of Flesh

Recent issues may have caused concern that EM bond yields are too low for the risk taken, but we think the majority still offer value.

Market Commentary

Argentina: Phoenix from the Ashes or Cuckoo in the Nest?

After years in the wilderness because of bankruptcy and recession, Argentina is back on a path toward inclusion in the global investment universe.

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