Emerging Markets


Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets

SSGA’s breadth of investment experience and options in emerging markets make us a valuable partner for investors seeking exposures to developing nations.  

Chinese Bonds: The Case for an Increased Allocation

Diversification, low correlation and higher yields are among the potential benefits for foreign investors allocating to Chinese bonds.

Emerging Market Debt: Indexing on the Rise

Traditional perceptions around how to invest in emerging market debt are evolving – an indexed approach is increasingly viewed as a practical solution to gaining exposure.

EM Equity – No Longer Only Beer, Banks and Cement

The drivers of growth in emerging markets have evolved, as have the opportunities available to equity investors.

Cautious Until Fundamentals Pick Up

Despite a strong start to 2019, it remains to be seen whether the rebound is transitory or the start of an upward trend

All Eyes on China

As part of our Global Market Outlook for 2019, SSGA looks through the short-term risks towards the long-term opportunities in China.