Global Retirement Reality Report

Exploring retirement realities around the world reveals areas of uncanny consistency, persistent gaps, and a formula for happiness.

The Happiness Formula Webinar Replay

See our DC experts share research highlighting how employees’ happiness improves retirement readiness.

The Happiness Formula

The adage that having more doesn’t necessarily equal happiness proves true for workers in countries with more savings who don’t consistently express greater confidence in the retirement experience. There must be something more to happiness. We think we’ve found the formula.

Balancing Flexibility and Security in Retirement

We are experiencing a global retirement renaissance thanks to longer lives, shifting savings systems, and evolving work experiences. As we see it, the greatest opportunity amid the flux is to rethink retirement income. 

About the Survey

As part of our global goal to deliver better retirement outcomes, our survey captures a picture of people’s hopes, fears, expectations, and experiences surrounding retirement.

State Street conducted an online survey, in conjunction with YouGov, across eight countries representing a range of retirement systems. We queried 9,451 people at every stage of the retirement spectrum, from those new to the workforce to those later in retirement, to better understand the milestones and inflection points across the whole savings journey.