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Environmental, Social, and Governance
  • ESG/Sustainability Overview

ESG/Sustainable Investing

In a world of change and uncertainty, we believe investors should consider all factors that have a material impact on long-term value creation including ESG/sustainability factors.

Defining Your ESG/ Sustainability Goals

Whether our clients are focused on risk management, responding to new regulations, making investments that align with their values, or seeking to enhance long-term performance, our ESG/sustainable investing capabilities can support clients in achieving their ESG/sustainability objectives and investment goals.

ESG Investment Strategies

Investors can pursue their specific ESG objectives through a range of investment strategies.

Climate Investing

This is a thematic investment approach that aims to align portfolios with the transition to a low carbon economy and a reduction in global warming to well below 2°C.

For investors seeking to align portfolios with the Paris Agreement goals and the transition to a low-carbon economy, we offer a variety of options across equities and fixed income. Our Sustainable Climate Strategies may help investors benefit from both mitigation of current and future emissions, and adaptation to embedded climate risks.


Negative screening excludes specific companies, sectors or countries based on ESG factors and/or an investor’s preferences. The benefits include mitigating reputational risk and enabling investors to avoid allocating funds to companies or sectors that conflict with their beliefs.

With decades of experience in developing screened approaches across equities and fixed income, we offer clients a tailored way to pursue their goals or risk mitigation preferences in their portfolios.

Best in Class

This approach focuses on investment in sectors and companies that we believe are leaders in terms of meeting certain ESG criteria relative to investment universes and/or industry peers.

Where appropriate, we aim to invest in sectors and companies, that are leaders in this way using our internal R-FactorTM ESG rating system and other ESG data sources.

ESG Integration

Our active portfolio managers may integrate ESG signals and factors where consistent with a strategy’s investment objective, in efforts to mitigate risk and identify opportunities for long-term performance potential.

Active Strategies

With respect to management of our clients’ portfolios in active strategies, we believe ESG/sustainability factors should be considered alongside traditional investment factors when making investment decisions to develop a more complete picture of investee companies’ future financial trajectory and business risks.

Stewardship & Value

As long-term holders of capital on behalf of our clients, we believe the informed exercise of voting rights, coupled with value-driven engagement, is one of the most effective mechanisms of creating value for our clients. Accordingly, our stewardship program proactively identifies companies for engagement and voting in order to mitigate material risks in our portfolios that may impact long-term value creation for our clients across a range of topics, including ESG/sustainability factors.

Our ESG/ Sustainability Philosophy

Our firm’s approach to ESG/sustainability is client-driven. We are long-term shareholders on behalf of our clients. We believe in providing choice - both in the products we offer and in our investor voting choice program. We focus on what creates long-term value by promoting best practice and transparent disclosure of materials risks and opportunities across a range of topics, including sustainability factors.

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