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Our History

From our roots as an indexing pioneer to our capabilities in active, smart beta, alternatives and ETFs, our clients’ investing challenges have served as a catalyst for our innovation for over 45 years.


State Street Global Advisors 

State Street Corporation established State Street Global Advisors to provide institutional investment management services focused on equity indexing and cash. In what was then the early days of index investing, the new entity begins launching domestic and international equity index funds.


Introduce New Active Quantitative Equity Strategies

We complement our indexing prowess with new active quantitative equity strategies, to help meet client demand for systematic approaches to portfolio management and their underlying return drivers.


First Non-US Locations in London and Hong Kong

We open our first non-US locations in London and Hong Kong; live trading desks in both locations offer clients local insight and execution.


First US ETF – Now the World’s Oldest

Together with the American Stock Exchange, we launch the first US listed and still-largest ETF to offer investors broader, more efficient access to capital markets.*


Industry’s First Sector-Specific ETFs

We launch the industry’s first family of sector-specific ETFs.


Pioneering Multi-Asset Class Strategy

We introduce multi-asset class, liability-driven investing strategies designed to be more closely aligned with plan sponsors’ risk, return and cash-flow objectives.

Asia ex-Japan’s First ETF

Working with the government of Hong Kong, we establish Asia ex-Japan’s first ETF, offering unprecedented access to local markets.


Launch Official Institutions Group (OIG)

We create our Official Institutions Group, among the first dedicated to serving the investment needs of sovereign wealth funds and central banks.


First Gold - Backed ETF in US

In partnership with the World Gold Council, we launch the first gold-backed ETF in the US.


Launch Managed Volatility Strategies

We introduce Managed Volatility Strategies, providing clients with a new risk management tool seeking compelling equity returns with less volatility.


Establish Investment Solutions Group (ISG)

We establish our Investment Solutions Group, providing portfolio solutions to meet complex client needs.

Acquire Bank of Ireland Asset Management

We announce our acquisition of Bank of Ireland Asset Management, adding fundamental value equity portfolio management expertise.


First Actively Managed Senior Loan ETF

We partner with specialty asset manager Blackstone Credit to offer the first of-its-kind actively managed senior loan ETF.


Launch of UK Target Retirement Funds

We expand our presence in the UK defined contribution marketplace with the launch of UK target retirement funds designed to serve as default options in retirement plans.


New ETF launches

Among those launched is our first S&P 500 fossil-fuel-free ETF, adding to the firm’s ESG lineup, and an active fixed income ETF.


Acquire GE Asset Management

We acquire GE Asset Management, providing multiple benefits to State Street Global Advisors and our clients, including the addition of new alternatives capabilities, strengthening fundamental growth equity and active fixed income teams, and establishing us as a leading provider of outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) services.

Launch proprietary Gender Diversity ETF

We launch a gender diversity ETF that provides exposure to US companies that lead their sector in demonstrating a commitment towards promoting and supporting gender diversity throughout all levels of the organization.

State Street Global Advisors Trust Company Established

State Street Global Advisors Trust Company was established for purposes of State Street Global Advisors’ US institutional investment management business.


Call for More Women on Boards with Launch of Fearless Girl

We place the Fearless Girl statue in NYC financial district symbolizing women who are taking charge today and inspiring the next generation of women leaders. At the same time, we call on companies to take intentional steps to increase the number of women on their corporate boards.

Sculpture by Kristen Visbal | Commissioned by State Street Global Advisors


New Global Hub in Poland

We announce a new global hub in Poland. Initially the office will focus on supporting and servicing investment, risk, funds management and distribution, as well as operations.


Launch ESG Money Market Fund

We announce the launch of the firm’s first ESG money market fund, which is the first money market fund to offer a portfolio composed entirely of investments that meet ESG criteria at the time of purchase.

Introduce ESG Scoring Tool R-Factor

We launch R-Factor™, an innovative ESG scoring system for companies to evaluate their investments and practices. R-Factor supports the development of sustainable capital markets by giving investors the ability to integrate financially material ESG data into their investment decision making while also incentivizing companies to improve their ESG practices and disclosure.



Adding to the two equity ESG ETFs launched in EMEA in 2019, SPDR® launches a low-cost core equity ESG ETF in the US and Australia, its first fixed income ESG ETF publicly offered in the US, and two fixed income ESG ETFs in EMEA.


Collaboration with Barclays

We collaborate with Barclays to launch a suite of fixed-income strategies. We develop and manage these new investment products and strategies by leveraging data sourced from systematic strategy indices curated by Barclays Quantitative Portfolio Strategy (Barclays QPS) team.

Voting Choice Program Expansion

We announce we will offer more investors the power to choose how shares held in the eligible funds and segregated accounts they own are voted.


Celebrating 30 Years of ETFs

Our launch of the US’s first ETF helped democratize, diversify, and accelerate a multitrillion dollar, global ETF market.