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Strategies & Capabilities

Index Investing Choosing the Right Manager Matters

We've been building and managing some of the world's most successful index funds for 40 years. Our goal? To deliver cost-effective index return outcomes with no surprises or unintended biases.

Indexing is our Core

We helped pioneer the indexing category by creating institutional-caliber index funds, and today, indexed assets represent the majority of our AUM and revenues. As the investment arm of State Street Corporation—which is entrusted with 10% of the world’s assets1 —we are built to devote significant resources toward supporting evolving client needs through product development, process improvement and infrastructure enhancement. In today’s fast changing world, that commitment to continued innovation matters.

Our Expertise

Our experienced indexing team pays attention to the thousands of details that can impact the risk and return of a fund’s total performance. To deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients, we focus on the following key areas:

Portfolio Design

We select the most appropriate methodology with an aim to deliver index-like returns and employ highly advanced techniques ranging from full replication to optimization in equities and stratified sampling in fixed income.


Our 24-hour global trading desk utilizes sophisticated trading strategies and other market leading tools to minimize trading costs and respond to changes across hundreds of indexes with exceptional efficiency and effectiveness.

Leading Technology

By incorporating state-of-the-art proprietary and third-party technology, our investment teams have the insights they need to assess portfolio risks and the flexibility to incorporate value-add efficiencies and pursue tactical opportunities.

ESG Research & Innovation

To address our clients’ current and long-term needs, we focus much of our research activity on innovative approaches to emerging issues such as climate change and helping clients improve their ESG profiles.

How We Work

Indexing: The Pursuit of No Surprises

For four decades, our disciplined, precise approach has helped us deliver index returns as expected by our clients.

Our Offerings