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Using ESG to inform better decision-making starts with data. Increased transparency and improved reporting can help, investors understand their exposures, take action to achieve their investment goals and monitor progress.


Our proprietary ESG scoring system draws on data from multiple providers, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)’s widely accepted, transparent materiality framework and relevant corporate governance codes to generate a unique ESG score for approximately 10,000 issuers.

Why we Built R-Factor™

At State Street Global Advisors, we believe that the consideration of financially material ESG factors in the investment process is an integral part of honoring our fiduciary duty. We believe doing so is our responsibility, and so we've built the Responsibility-Factor, or "R-Factor™," score.

R-Factor™ is an ESG scoring system that draws on multiple data sources and leverages widely accepted, transparent materiality frameworks to generate a unique ESG score for listed companies.

Quality data about companies’ ESG practices is critical for effective investment analysis, but the lack of standardization and transparency in ESG reporting and scoring presents major challenges for investors. R-Factor™ was built to help address the data quality problem and to remove opaqueness around ESG materiality in the scoring process.

In doing so, R-Factor™ is designed to contribute to more sustainable capital markets.

Defining Characteristics of R-Factor™

R-Factor™ is designed around four core pillars:

Supporting Sustainable Capital Markets

R-Factor™ supports the development of sustainable capital markets by helping investors identify ESG solutions that integrate financially material ESG data while incentivizing companies to improve their ESG practices and disclosure in areas that matter.

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