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Forecasts Quarter 3, 2023

Chief Economist
Portfolio Manager

Global Economic Outlook

  • Major central banks continue to send hawkish messages amid above-target inflation and macro resilience.
  • But resilience is not immunity. The demand-dampening impact of high borrowing costs, the disappointing Chinese recovery, and deteriorating credit quality are vulnerabilities to watch.

Emerging Markets Outlook

  • China’s challenging growth outlook weighs on EM growth expectations.
  • As disinflation broadens, central banks start positioning for calibrating policy rates lower.

Global Capital Markets

  • Notwithstanding the risks facing equity markets, we continue to see sufficiently supportive factors to warrant an equity overweight — even in light of the strong performance year-to-date.
  • Over the intermediate term, we think there is good value in bonds, but choppy inflation and economic data continue to pose risks to outsize duration positions in the short term.

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