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For more than three decades, the Investment Solutions Group (ISG) has developed asset class-spanning products and services aimed at realizing our clients’ diverse goals. Today, we serve clients around the world, with more than $234 billion in assets under management and under advisory/consulting.*

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We provide a wide range of investment solutions, from implementing short-term, tactical exposures to fully discretionary mandates (also known as “Outsourced CIO”). Here are some of our key multi-asset offerings:

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Investment Solutions with Rob Spencer

Rob Spencer, a portfolio strategist from our Investment Solutions Group shares insights on a monthly basis regarding key factors motivating our tactical asset allocation positions, how we are addressing client concerns, and the most urgent issues facing asset allocators.

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Multi-Asset Solutions
Trimming Our Global Growth Forecast: Tactical Trading Decisions for May 2022

Supply shocks and the Russia-Ukraine War continue to further stress the global economy. Considering this, we see risks skewed to the downside and trim our global growth forecast by a full percentage point.

19 May 2022 Article
Multi-Asset Solutions
Fundamental Backdrop Broadly Positive for Growth Assets: Tactical Trading Decisions for December 2021

While numerous uncertainties, including the Omicron outbreak, cast a shadow on the economic growth outlook, we believe global economies exhibited resiliency as the fundamental backdrop remained sturdy. Monetary policy should remain accommodative in the near term, and the improving labor market will contribute to the growth in 2022. While some caution is reasonable, the environment is broadly supportive of growth assets.

21 December 2021
Multi-Asset Solutions
Economic Growth Supportive of Growth Assets: Tactical Trading Decisions for November 2021

Even as inflation and supply chain constraints weighed on global growth, the sanguine jobs report suggests easing pressure. Strong margins should mean companies will be able to maintain their pricing power, which bodes well for future growth. While some caution is justified, our positive outlook for economic growth is supportive for growth assets.

18 November 2021 Article
Multi-Asset Solutions
Moderate Near-Term Caution Warranted: Tactical Trading Decisions for October 2021

Markets have started to encounter some disturbances, including supply chain troubles, labor shortages and soaring energy prices. However, monetary policy should remain accommodative going into 2022 and global growth should continue to support corporate profits and risk assets. Overall, the economic recovery will continue, albeit at a more moderate pace, warranting some near-term caution.

20 October 2021
Multi-Asset Solutions
Macro Backdrop Still Favors Risk Assets: Tactical Trading Decisions for September 2021

Each month, the State Street Global Advisors Investment Solutions Group (ISG) meets to debate and ultimately determine a Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) that can be used to help guide near-term investment decisions for client portfolios. By focusing on asset allocation, the ISG team seeks to exploit macro inefficiencies in the market, providing State Street clients with a tool that generates alpha that is distinct (i.e., uncorrelated) from stock picking and other traditional types of active management. Here we report on the team’s most recent TAA discussion.

16 September 2021