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Can the Rising Sun Shine Brighter Under Suga’s Leadership?

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Japan’s new administration, helmed by Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, faces a new set of challenges compared with that of the Abe administration. Mr. Suga should do well by focusing on structural reforms to further increase youth employment while balancing the employment needs of urban and rural Japan. While continuing the initiatives of Mr. Abe, the incoming prime minster should also concentrate on policies concerning the labor market that should tackle the immediate demographic challenges of an ageing workforce.

22 September 2020

US Election

This in-depth research paper provides an overview of current polling sentiment in the US, along with a historical look at how markets behave during election cycles. The authors also lay out the key policy areas and themes for the upcoming US presidential election, and the implications for investors. The paper concludes with potential election scenarios and implementation ideas.

10 September 2020

This is Part IV of a mini-series that looks at the US Presidential Elections. Parts I, II and III assessed macroeconomic, broad asset class and equity sector implications. This month, we will publish a comprehensive and in-depth report on equity market performances relative to past elections as well as expected moves this cycle.

04 September 2020