ESG Integration in Money Market Funds

ESG is increasingly important for all investors. However, Investors tell us they are not willing to sacrifice primary objectives such as liquidity or performance to incorporate ESG. They also recognize that exclusionary screening is not the only way to implement an ESG strategy.

Better overall results can be achieved by ESG-scoring industries or companies and then tilting the portfolio towards those with higher scores.

In our latest discussion we explore how to do ESG investing right, the importance of the European SFDR requirements and how we incorporate ESG into our portfolios specifically for our Dublin based money market funds.

Portfolio Strategist
Manager of EMEA Client Services
Senior Portfolio Manager

ESG Monthly Snapshot

Released on a monthly basis, download our latest fund document showing investors the ESG profile for the fund. Giving ESG investors the opportunity to integrate financially material ESG data using our proprietary ESG ratings methodology R-Factor™.

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