Spring 2018

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Life After Easy Money

The forces set to drive corporate performance as the age of easy money draws to a close.

About this Issue

Life After Easy Money

A decade of monetary stimulus is gradually giving way to a new era of fiscal stimulus. This issue of IQ explores a range of forces that will influence corporate performance — and, ultimately, asset prices — as the age of easy money draws to a close.

In This Issue

How Tax Cuts, Inflation Risk and Intangibles are Changing the Stock-Picking Calculus.

Recent tax reform in the US will have far-reaching consequences for both US and foreign companies. Which sectors will benefit — and which will lose out?

Market expectations are shifting to focus on when, not if, inflation pressures will re-emerge and volatility revert to more normal levels. How should investors respond?

Growing US fiscal deficits could not only accelerate the pace of interest rate hikes, but also generate turmoil where they intersect with the politics of trade.

Case studies: Tax cuts and DB plan performance; ESG  as a new performance driver; Evaluating intangible-driven companies and sectors.


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