With four decades of experience meeting complex client needs, our market-tested team manages $2.81T* and we are now the third largest asset manager in the world.

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Active Quantitative Equity

Equity investing isn't just about finding returns. Find out how we form equity portfolios that aim to deliver the best risk-adjusted returns, in line with investors' risk and return objectives.

ESG Investing

A broad range of sophisticated screening and integration strategies that help investors align their portfolios with their values and beliefs, while targeting the performance they need.

Smart Beta

Harness the power of factors that active managers commonly seek exposure to, while preserving the benefits of traditional index approaches.

Fundamental Value Equities

Our quest for value assesses stocks for future earnings power, capital efficiency and the financial flexibility to cope with adversity.

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Senior Economist Simona Mocuta comments on the most recent Fed hike, reflecting on current economic indicators and the likely path the Fed will take in 2019

For investors who need the growth potential of equities to achieve their long-term investment objectives, constructing a capital-efficient equity program will be a key part of their overall portfolio strategy.

Although sentiment is a useful and important theme, we believe investors should be wary of stocks that may benefit in the short term from positive sentiment, but could suffer in the long term if they are overvalued.

Exploring retirement realities around the world reveals areas of uncanny consistency, persistent gaps, and a formula for happiness.


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Fearless Girl is Reinventing Investing: Bigger Stage, Bigger Impact

Fearless Girl has arrived in her new home outside the New York Stock Exchange. On this bigger stage, she will continue inspiring women leaders and also serve as a reminder to companies and investors that more gender diverse boards are good for business.

*As of 09/30/18