Fearless Girl

Overnight on the eve of International Women’s Day 2017, we placed Fearless Girl in the heart of New York’s Financial District to ignite a conversation about the power of women in leadership. Within 24 hours, millions of people took notice. But that was only the start of the story.

Driving Sustainable Value

Sustainability issues seen as drivers Sustainability issues seen as drivers
The Blog

Ron O’Hanley and CalSTRS Director of Corporate Governance Anne Sheehan join forces to work towards building a more inclusive and gender-balanced corporate world.

The Blog

Rakhi Kumar on our call for companies to disclose gender data across their entire businesses to build more diverse leadership pipelines for the future.

Brie Williams Brie Williams

Brie Williams discusses the need to #PressforProgress on gender diversity in the finacial advice business.

companies with no female directors on boards companies with no female directors on boards

State Street Global Advisors issued guidance to help board directors facilitate greater gender diversity within their organizations.

Ron O'Hanley Ron O'Hanley

Ron O’Hanley discusses the expansion of our guidance on gender board diversity and calls on leaders to play an active role in pushing for change.


Why Gender Diversity Matters

Our Head of ESG Investments and Asset Stewardship Rakhi Kumar explains why pushing for greater gender diversity on boards is a key element of our asset stewardship program.

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Fearless Girl in the News

Fearless Girl’s First Year Helped Reshape Corporate Boardrooms

Investor State Street Uses Financial Clout to Get More Women to the Top

Rakhi Kumar Says Firms with More Women Outperform

Lynn Blake on the Push for More Women on Boards

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