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ETF Model Portfolios

  • Overview
  • State Street ETF Model Portfolio Solutions

State Street ETF Model Portfolio Solutions

State Street ETF Model Portfolios are brought to you by the creators of the world's first ETFs1. Crafted by experts, each one is designed, built and delivered by our Multi-Asset Class team, the Investment Solutions Group at State Street Global Advisors, offering portfolio solutions that pursue a range of investment outcomes with diversification opportunities across a variety of asset classes and risk profiles.

Portfolio Solutions to Meet Unique Investment Needs

With SSGA ETF model portfolios, you can offer your clients consistent, institutional quality investment insights, enabling you to spend less time managing money and more time building the valuable relationships that grow your practice.

Our SSGA ETF Model Portfolio Offerings Include:

  1. State Street Target Risk ETF Model Portfolios: pursuing optimal capital efficiency over a long-term horizon.
  2. State Street Real Assets ETF Model Portfolio: aims to help clients manage inflation risk while providing attractive returns and income opportunities.
  3. State Street Global Equity Sector Rotation Model Portfolio: tactically allocate among GICs defined sectors of global equity with the goal of outperforming global developed equity over the long-term
  4. State Street Fixed Income ETF Model Portfolio: aims to provide investors with a diversified and efficient way to gain access to fixed income securities.

State StreetTarget Risk ETF Model Portfolios

Key Facts 

  • Diversified, global asset allocation
  • Incorporates State Street Global Advisors' expert long-term capital markets forecasts
  • Consistent long-term approach with low turnover and portfolio efficiency


Seeks to provide optimal capital efficiency over a long-term horizon. The more conservative model portfolio focuses on capital preservation, with some consideration given to growth of capital. The more aggressive portfolio is predominantly focused on growth of capital. In all instances, the model portfolios are constructed, based on risk tolerance, to aim to achieve diversified market exposure across equity, fixed income and alternative markets.

State Street Real Assets ETF Model Portfolio

Key Facts

  • Protection from inflation shocks
  • Broad diversification benefits
  • Income opportunities.


This model portfolio is designed for growth-oriented investors with a long-term horizon looking to maximize long-term potential for capital appreciation through a globally diversified set of real assets ETFs. The model portfolio features our suite of SPDR ETFs as well as ETFs from third party issuers.

The Real Asset Strategy is expected to perform best during periods of increasing inflation or rising unexpected inflation . The Strategy is meant to be a complement to traditional equity and bond assets, providing further diversification, attractive returns, and a source of income.

State Street Global Equity Sector Rotation Model Portfolio

Key Facts

  • Investment Universe: Eleven GICS Sectors of global developed equity market
  • Quantitative tactical process generates sector relative alpha scores
  • Monthly rebalancing, underweighting the lowest rated sectors and overweighting top rated sectors.


The US Equity Sector Rotation Model seeks to generate alpha by tilting among the 11 sectors in the global equity market based on signals constructed from both firm-level and macroeconomic factors. From a broad perspective, our sector process evaluates a set of signals, selected on the basis of their predictive power and identified by extensive and ongoing research, that assess sector prospects from four distinct perspectives. These perspectives can be grouped generally into value, momentum, quality, sentiment, and macroeconomic factors.

State Street Fixed Income ETF

Key Facts

  • Global diversification with a skew towards Euro denominated bonds
  • Medium maturity portfolio taking a balanced approach to blending interest rate sensitivity and credit risk
  • Allocation via well diversified, cost efficient transparent ETF building blocks


The Fixed Income ETF Model Portfolio’s primary objective is to provide income while offering some growth potential over the long term. The portfolio aims to reduce short-term price fluctuations through diversification across a broad range of fixed income exposures. It will invest globally with a focus on Euro bonds.