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Investing in Sustainable Growth: Q3 2023

In the latest newsletter from the Fundamental Growth & Core Equity team, Chief Investment Officer Mike Solecki makes the case that there are still reasons to be positive about equities, despite the shifting market narrative to one that embraces a ‘higher for longer’ interest rate outlook. But narratives can change quickly, reinforcing the argument that investors should keep a firm focus on the long-term perspective. Through that prism, we continue to uncover interesting investment ideas.

In this quarter’s newsletter, we go deep into Artificial Intelligence as seen from the view of five of our research analysts. In addition, we profile a Japanese factory automation company, Keyence, that we have followed for years and continues to impress.

Artificial Intelligence: Investment Opportunities and Risks in AI Few technological advances in recent years have captured the attention of the investment world quite as much as AI. The potential of generative AI in delivering productivity gains and driving innovative change across a range of industries will have significant lasting implications for how we live, work, and play. But there have also been some wild claims about what AI can achieve. We ask key members of our Fundamental Equity research team to separate fantasy from reality and assess where the investment opportunities will likely reside.

Stock Study: Keyence’s Fusion of Innovation and Business Strategy Advances in factory automation have driven significant improvement in manufacturing productivity, efficiently addressing labor shortages and supply chain constraints. Japan, where the demographic challenges of an aging population hit earlier than in most countries, was one of the first countries to adopt factory automation. Japanese factory automation companies have been playing a crucial role in the global factory automation market ever since. Keyence Corporation is a great example of this.

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