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ファンダメンタル・バリュー High Conviction You Can Count On

We deliver the distinct exposures that investors expect from an unconstrained fundamental value manager. Across all phases of the market cycle, our process and portfolios reflect a consistency and conviction that is increasingly hard to find.

Our Approach

We have a clearly defined interpretation of value that underpins all aspects of our investment approach.


Long Term





Our Dublin based team of portfolio managers and research analysts bring deep experience and specialist knowledge to each step of our investment process.The Fundamental Value Equity Team consists of four portfolio managers and seventeen research analysts, each specializing in global sectors and industries. On average the team has 20 years of industry experience and 9 years tenure at the firm.

Our Strategies

We invite you to learn more about our unconstrained, concentrated portfolios of equities that we believe to be undervalued relative to their long-term earnings power.

Our Fundamental Value Brochure

Investment Strategies

Global Value Spotlight Strategy

Europe Value Spotlight Strategy

Eurozone Value Spotlight Strategy

International Value Spotlight Strategy

Asia Pacific Spotlight Strategy

US Value Spotlight Strategy

Global Value Strategy

Global Ethical Value Strategy

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