Defined Contribution

Participant Engagement

Keep Calm and Communicate

Plan sponsors are seeking ways to help participants stay cool amidst market volatility. Here, we’re offering insights on how to deliver communications that provide clarity, consistency and empathy. 

Inspiring Individuals to Look Ahead

Retirement readiness works best as a collaborative experience, with participants and plan sponsors benefiting from knowledgeable partners who can provide and coordinate expertise in the forms of:

  • Solutions to support life’s transitions, at employer and legislative levels
  • Practical financial wellness guidance for sponsors and savers
  • Communications to educate and inspire individuals today in pursuit of their goals tomorrow     

At State Street, our dedicated Participant Engagement team is positioned at the intersection of investment strategy, public policy and marketing execution, working directly with sponsors to develop effective participant outreach strategies that drive action.

Life Stage

Meeting Participants (and Sponsors) at Every Stage

First job. Next job. New family and financial commitments. Retirement within reach. 

Participants are balancing financial and personal transitions at every stage of life. Many look to their employers to help navigate through the complexity. However, employers have challenges of their own, from managing a workforce to coping with regulatory shifts to providing a DC plan that works for every employee.

At State Street, we’re here to support plan sponsors and empower participants by:

Financial Wellness Fostering Financial Wellness


Advances in retirement plan design and automation may have improved the system of saving, but they haven’t removed the strain. 

The 3B’s Framework

Gain insight on how to inspire behavioral-based change within a benefits program.

By committing to improve employees’ financial wellness, sponsors have the opportunity to see employees holistically, lessen participants’ anxiety and cultivate their happiness — gaining productivity in the process.4    

Our financial wellness resources can support the launch or expansion of programs that strive to improve participants’ financial habits now and in retirement.


Improving Outcomes With Thoughtful Outreach

The power of a carefully designed plan can be diminished if there is no outreach campaign to highlight plan details and participant benefits. 

Working from initial strategy to tactical execution, our dedicated Participant Engagement team offers plan communications and other resources to help ensure employees get the most out of their retirement plan by: 

Sharing Access to a Library of Content

  • Our Complete Content Collection
  • Sample: Savings Bootcamp Guide
  • Sample: The Target Date Fund Playbook

Offering Educational Resources on a Range of Topics     

1, 2  PwC’s 8th annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey, PwC US, 2019.

3 Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2018, Board of Governors of the
Federal Reserve System, May 2019.

4 Jeffrey Hayzlett, “Do Wellness Programs Make Employees More Productive? The Obvious Answer Is Yes,” Entrepreneur, March 2, 2018.