Asset Stewardship

Guidance on Enhancing Racial & Ethnic Diversity Disclosures

At State Street Global Advisors, we believe that companies have a responsibility to effectively manage and disclose risks and opportunities related to racial and ethnic diversity. A growing body of research1 suggests that diversity can drive returns, and that boards that neglect this topic face risks to their reputation, productivity, and overall performance. We have expanded our firm’s longstanding focus on gender diversity to include race and ethnicity, and this essential dimension of ESG risk management will be a priority for our Asset Stewardship team in 2021. What follows is an overview of what to expect from us on this topic.

Our Expectations For Enhanced Racial & Ethnic Diversity Disclosures

Engagements: Incorporating Our Racial & Ethnic Diversity Expectations into Conversations with Companies

Voting: Incorporating Our Expectations into Our Proxy Voting Policies

Thought Leadership: Identifying Best Practices for Board Oversight of Racial & Ethnic Diversity- Related Risks and Opportunities



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