Global Investment Team

Lynn S Blake

CIO, Global Equity Beta Solutions

Olivia Engel

CIO, Active Quantitative Equity

Daniel P Farley

CIO, Investment Solutions Group

Barry Glavin

CIO, Fundamental Value Equities

Gregory B Hartch

Head of Private Investments

Lori Heinel

Deputy Global Chief Investment Officer

Richard F Lacaille

Global Chief Investment Officer

Michael J Solecki

CIO, Fundamental Growth and Core Equity

Matthew J Steinaway

CIO, Global Fixed Income, Currency & Cash

David Wiederecht

Global Head of Global Fiduciary Solutions

Business Leadership Team

Chris Baker

Chief Compliance Officer

Marc P Brown

Chief Administrative Officer

Timothy P Corbett

Chief Risk Officer

Cuan Coulter

Head of Europe, Middle East & Africa

Lochiel Crafter

Head of Global Institutional Group

Kem Danner

Head of Human Resources

Marie-Anne Heeren

Head of European Institutional Distribution

Susan M Lasota

Chief Technology Officer and Head of Transformation

Steven Lipiner

Chief Financial Officer

James MacNevin

Head of Asia Pacific

Katherine Sandman McKinley

General Counsel

Barry F X Smith

Chief Operating Officer, Global Institutional Group

Kathryn Sweeney

Head of Institutional, Americas

Sue Thompson

Head of SPDR ETFs Americas Distribution

Stephen Tisdalle

Chief Marketing Officer

Rory Tobin

Head of Global SPDR ETFs