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Currency-Hedged ETFs Cost-effective tools for targeting the exposures you seek

SPDR ETFs offer investors cost-effective1, flexible, transparent tools for managing currency exposures across equity and fixed income allocations. Built through partnerships with investors and index providers and fueled by our institutional expertise, our currency-hedged share classes allow investors to target their exposures.

Why Hedge Currency Exposure?

For international investors, currency movements can be a major driver of returns across asset classes. This is especially true in a low-return environment where currency swings can overwhelm the returns of the underlying asset.
Hedging selected currency exposures allows investors to focus on the return drivers that they want to own and reduce the number of variables affecting portfolio performance.

Efficient ETF Hedging Tools

SPDR ETFs are designed to allow investors to efficiently navigate between hedged and unhedged exposures.


Cost effective


Built in partnership

Backed by a currency leader

Solutions for Any Objective

SPDR ETFs offer currency-hedged share classes in equity and fixed income exposures for USD, EUR, GBP and MXN. Investors use these tools to achieve a wide spectrum of targeted objectives.

Accessing US ESG corporate bond exposure in EUR

Minimising exposure to USD volatility

Accessing return drivers in emerging markets

Hedging convertible bond exposures

Our Solutions

Whether you are looking to fully hedge all currency exposure or selectively target returns in specific currencies, SPDR ETFs provide flexible, cost-effective solutions for executing your views with precision.