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Lighting a Path in Retirement

For many participants, the retirement savings and accumulation journey brings a multitude of choices and challenges: whether to join or remain in a plan, how much to save, and where to invest. Once on that savings path, the potential for a more satisfying retirement–at least in the financial sense–comes into focus.

But savings is only part of that equation. Participants will eventually need to make decisions around how to invest and spend their accumulated retirement wealth— an experience that introduces a new set of challenges.
The range and complexity of investment and drawdown options coupled with an imperfect understanding of income needs now and in the future is often made murkier by participants’ perceived lack of credible or consistent channels of support or advice. This edition zeros in on the retirement income puzzle; leveraging a range of participant research, industry experience, and expert insight to illuminate the path forward.
We introduce our forthcoming survey covering a selection of mature and emerging DC markets. This global study delves into the expectations of participants and retirees around retirement income, and other related topics. A deeper understanding of these perspectives is crucial as providers and sponsors look to build investment solutions and provide the right support to meet evolving needs and longer lifespans.
Featuring a case study of a savings plan titan, the University of California, we illustrate how one organization is taking the lead on retirement innovation by facilitating lifetime income options for participants. We also showcase insights from academic, Don Ezra, who provides investment approaches that can bolster a fuller retirement experience.

In other departments, our policy team explores the role of regulation in the evolution of two retirement systems, our participant engagement experts examine the unique challenges women face in saving for and funding retirement, and our investment strategy leadership takes a closer look at savings vehicle nuances.
We hope these perspectives help to illuminate the key issues facing individuals, organizations, and governments and thank you for your continued partnership.
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