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Smart Beta

Research-led and experience-driven, our team brings practical expertise to delivering the best smart beta strategy design and execution.

Our Expertise

Target the Real Drivers of Return

Smart beta can help investors target better risk-adjusted returns and capture excess performance in a more cost-effective way.

Discover more about the smart beta factors that drive returns:


Smart Beta Strategies

We can help you with factor guidance or deconstructing your portfolio to assess which factors are contributing return. From bespoke indexes, custom-tilted or multifactor approaches, access to commercial products or the very latest ETFs, we can help you leverage the benefits of smart beta in your portfolio.

Extensive research has shown that factors drive returns. In fact, between 50% and 80% of a portfolio’s excess return can be attributed to exposure to specific factors, such as low volatility or size.

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Our Latest Innovation

Our core factor approach combines multiple factors and optimizes them, providing broad diversification and maximizing the ability to outperform, all in one powerful, easy-to-implement package.