Emerging Markets Investing Exploring the long-term growth and income potential of EM equities and debt.

Why Consider Emerging Markets Investing

  • Emerging Markets (EM) have evolved significantly over the last two decades-benefitting from economic growth driven by productivity gains, structural reforms, and consumption growth.
  • EM countries currently contribute to 60% of the world’s GDP and have a 40% of global trade.
  • EM financial markets have grown in variety, size, depth, and liquidity from their early days; EM investments are an essential allocation for a balanced portfolio.

Why State Street Global Advisors for Emerging Markets

A Leader in Emerging Market Investing

  • Since 1993, State Street Global Advisors has been a leading emerging markets asset manager, dedicated to creating long-term value for institutional investors.
  • Our Active Quantitative, Fundamental, and Smart Beta capabilities include EM equities. Our EM fixed income capabilities include local currency nominal and inflation-linked debt, as well as hard currency corporate and sovereign debt.
  • State Street is a world leader in managing institutionally focused EM Index investments.

Discover our Offerings

Emerging Market Equities

As emerging markets continue to develop and become more integrated into global markets, investors in EM equities seek to capitalize on the opportunities presented by rapid growth and change. Investors also benefit from the experienced guidance of a leader in EM equities

Emerging Market Debt

Emerging market debt (EMD) is a rapidly evolving asset class that can offer fixed income investors diversification benefits and enhanced yield and return potential. The EMD universe offers investors a broad spectrum of opportunities from local to hard currency debt, from investment grade to high yield, and from sovereign to corporate debt. 

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