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With nearly $2.9 trillion  assets under management, State Street Global Advisors has been a consistent investing force for over four decades.

In the DC advisor arena, we harness our scale and skill to further advisor practices and plan provider offerings. At the same time, we bring the same entrepreneurial spirit that drives advisors.

Going beyond the status quo, we work to extend our partners’ reach and strive to deliver better participant outcomes.

DC Investment Options

Leveraging a full range of institutional capabilities to enhance retirement outcomes.

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Mutual Fund Product Guide

From index to active strategies, single to multi-asset funds, see how our lineup stacks up. 

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Latest Thinking

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DC Advisor Team

Gregory Porteous
Head of Intermediary Strategy

Heather Bailey
Head of Regional DC Sales

Mike Nelligan
Senior Relationship Manager

Alex McCarthy
Relationship Manager

Dan Cahill
Client Relationship Manager

Regional Territories


Justin Wilson
Senior Retirement Director
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Senior Retirement Director
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Heather Bailey
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Investment Approach

Target Date Funds

Our index-based target date funds apply a finer lens to asset class and index selection.

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Collective Investment Trusts: Lower Costs and Greater Flexibility

CITs can offer meaningful advantages to retirement plans over mutual funds. Are you CIT savvy?

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Having the Right Investment Conversations

Fee compression, service bundling and firm aggregation are industry trends changing the way advisors do business — and the segments they serve.

Increasingly, staying competitive means broadening your market reach. To do so, consider how you can pivot your investment conversations toward different dimensions of value, or what we refer to as operational alpha.

Getting to Operational Alphaii

1 Cost Paid

Fees and trading costs for international equity mandates can gradually erode portfolio value over time and create a drag on relative benchmark performance.

2 Sticker Price

Selecting a low-cost index fund generates meaningful savings. For strategies with comparably low fees, better tracking may lead to additional inherent cost
savings beyond the IM fee.

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3 Securities Lending

Securities lending can potentially enhance returns. The risks, potential returns and cost structure of the program should be transparent and well understood by the plan sponsor.

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4 Vehicle Selection

ERISA-qualified CITs pay a lower tax rate on dividends than mutual funds in many developed countries. This leads to material and consistent performance advantages.

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5 Manager Selection

Asset managers with scale and efficient CIT fund structures can generate meaningful cost savings for end investors via internal crossing, translating into better long-term returns. 

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Practice Management

Enhancing Each Stage of Your Practice


We are committed to supporting the advisor community in growing and evolving prosperous practices. As part of this commitment, we’ve hosted a series of events for the country’s top retirement plan advisors through which we’ve gained insights across the business life cycle. Here, we share those findings, along with a content series dedicated to furthering advisor acumen across each business stage.

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iAs of 6/30/19.

iiSource: State Street Global Advisors.

1Assumes open market trading cost of 28bps and management fees of 14bps. Open market trading cost of 28bps is an estimate that combines the expected explicit costs of commissions, taxes and fees with a mean estimate market impact cost. Management fees of 14bps reflects the highest fee for Commingled Fund products reported by the 10 largest managers in the eVestment ACWI ex-US Passive Equity universe, as of 9/30/18, assuming a $250M allocation.

2Difference between the highest (14bps) and lowest (7bps) reported Commingled Fund fees for the 10 largest managers in the eVestment ACWI ex-US Passive Equity universe, as of 9/30/18, assuming a $250M allocation.

3Average historical lending returns paid to the fund in the State Street MSCI ACWI ex USA IMI Index ERISA DC strategy from 2014-2017.

4MSCI Index Data, published ERISA and RIC Tax Rates, as of 12/31/2017.

5Estimated cost savings from In-kind/Internal Crossing/Unit Crossing activity in the State Street Global All Cap Equity Ex U.S. Index Fund from January 2012 – October 2018.