Research & Opinion

Global Findings

As the COVID-19 pandemic gained momentum, we  surveyed retirement savers across five countries to capture  their views on retirement readiness  in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. 

Ireland Findings

COVID-19 is among the top three reasons given by Irish savers for having low retirement confidence currently.  Read the full Irish findings here.

Global Findings

Our 2019 research draws perspectives from pension plan sponsors across five countries.

Ireland Findings

Our Irish report focuses on seven key findings specific to Irish plan sponsors, providers and policy makers.

Target Retirement Funds

Results indicate that members and plan sponsors would benefit from defaults which are dynamic, adaptable and intuitive.

Dynamism in Action

How can we help pension savers to overcome the natural reflex to react when markets have a wobble?

2018 Ireland Survey Findings

A deeper dive into how Irish workers feel about retirement.

2018 The Happiness Formula

Chapter 1 from our 2018 survey findings – Defining a framework for retirement satisfaction

2018 Balancing Act

Chapter 2 from our 2018 survey findings – Balancing flexiblity and security in retirement