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Real Estate

Real estate can produce income like a bond, enjoy capital appreciation like an equity, and derive returns from both capital and income cycles.

Our Expertise

We believe that real estate warrants consideration in most investment strategies. Long-term investment objectives mean that investors have increasingly recognized that real assets have the potential to provide good diversification and an attractive risk/return profile.

State Street Global Advisors Europe has been providing real estate asset management services to institutional investors since 1981 and currently manages circa €1.4bn1 in direct and indirect real estate assets located in Ireland, the UK and continental Europe.

The Real Estate team, based in Dublin, manages portfolios comprising more than 90 buildings with in excess of 300 leases/licences, and a combined rent roll of c. €65m per annum1. The portfolios are primarily invested in the three main sub-sectors of the market, comprising offices, retail and logistics buildings.






1 Source: State Street Global Advisors as at 31 December 2020.

Our Approach

At State Street Global Advisors Europe, we adopt a fundamental approach to real estate as an asset class. With our extensive relationship networks within local markets we are well positioned to assess the relative value of the asset class and identify the macroeconomic forces that are likely to influence returns across both geographies and sectors of the market.

This approach is central to our process of developing portfolio strategies which are in turn implemented by our experienced team of real estate professionals.

As no two properties are the same, our formula for delivering performance to clients is through the identification and exploitation of opportunities to add value to the assets that we manage.

The type of projects our team is actively involved with on a daily basis include lease buybacks/re-gears, building refurbishments, letting management, rent review negotiations together with the development and implementation of buy/sell/hold strategies for individual assets.


Potential for Strong and Stable Income Returns

Offers an Efficient Hedge Against Inflation

An Investment Backed by Real Assets

Our Team

The team of dedicated property professionals has over 100 years’ combined experience in the industry.

Ian Johnston

Head of Real Estate

Tony Whitmore

Senior Portfolio Manager

Daragh Clarke

Senior Real Estate Asset Manager

Orla Kelly

Administrative Support

James Wood

Senior Real Estate Asset Manager

As of 31 March 2021.