Our SPDR Capital Markets Team

The SPDR Capital Markets Team builds relationships with SPDR ETF authorised participants, market makers, liquidity providers, execution trading desks/platforms and stock exchanges. The team plays an active role in promoting competitive markets and maintaining the SPDR ETF liquidity ecosystem. Given our insight into primary and secondary market activity — as well as our access to a wide variety of pre-trade liquidity analytics tools — our team is dedicated to working closely with clients to help educate them about the nuances of ETF execution and ultimately to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge necessary to trade SPDR ETFs effectively.

If you need any further information, or for pre-trade analysis, email the team below.

Access our EMEA Capital Markets Expertise

The EMEA SPDR ETFs Capital Markets Team is based in London, UK. We oversee the SPDR ETF trading ecosystem and manage relationships with authorised participants, market makers, exchanges, platforms and broker-dealers

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