How to Trade ETFs Efficient Primary and Secondary Market Trading.

Institutional investors can trade ETFs:

  • Stock Exchange
  • Over the counter (OTC)
  • Primary Market via creation/redemption mechanisms

State Street Global Advisors offer a dedicated ETF Capital Markets team to assist with connecting institutional investors to authorised participants, market makers and other liquidity providers.

State Street Global Advisors Around the Globe¹

Global SPDR ETF Capital Markets Team


Offering clients true global reach

State Street has over 700+ ETFs listings globally, across America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Education and Advice for institutions

We offer institutions:

  • Advice on execution and market structure to increase trade efficiency and reduce market impact
  • Execution strategies designed for each institution's needs
  • Thought leadership in ETF trading and investing

Data leadership and trade analysis to increase trade efficiency

We offer clients the data analytics to maximise the efficiency of their ETF trades with:

  • Pre-trade analysis
  • Indicative execution pricing
  • Liquidity data and landscape analysis


Understanding ETF Liquidity

One of the main advantages of ETFs is that they offer liquidity from two sources. From the surface, it may be obvious that there is liquidity as defined by the trading volume and bid/ask spread in the secondary market. Beneath this is another source of liquidity in the primary market that may often be overlooked. It is important to note that an ETF is as liquid as the underlying basket of securities it tracks.

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Dedicated Capital Markets team in EMEA

The EMEA SPDR ETFs Capital Markets team is based in London, UK. We oversee the SPDR ETF trading ecosystem and manage relationships with: authorised participants; market makers; exchanges; platforms; and broker-dealers.

Marcus Miholich, Head of Capital Markets EMEA & APAC.
Mark Harris, ETF Capital Markets.
Amber Kim, ETF Capital Markets.
Angela Bruce, ETF Capital Markets.

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1 Source: Bloomberg Finance L.P and State Street Global Advisors, as of date 31/12/2019.
Figures are based on ETFs launched before 2019.