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Our Annual Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Report is Here

Climate change has the potential to disrupt economies worldwide and challenge companies across sectors and geographies, to varying degrees. As a fiduciary whose objective is to enhance long-term value with respect to the investments we make on behalf of our clients, our focus is on progressing best practices and engaging with companies on their disclosure, plans, and progress regarding the climate-related risks and opportunities relevant to their business, as well as on developing climate-related investment solutions in response to client demand.

As an organization, we will continue to prioritize the management of climate-related risks, plans, and opportunities in relation to our clients’ portfolios. Our annual TCFD report explores how we approach climate-change risk analysis and management.

The TCFD was created by the Financial Stability Board to address the needs of financial markets for clear, comprehensive information on the impacts of climate change. This includes the risks and opportunities presented by a changing climate, climate-related policy, and emerging technologies.

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