Environmental, Social and Governance

ESG: Building a Sustainable Future

Sustainable investing is the practice of incorporating material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in investment decisions and active ownership. It is based on the understanding that material ESG factors play a substantial role in long-term value creation.

ESG Investing: Time to Act

With crisis sparking a collective demand for change, it’s time for ESG investing to move from a check-the-box component of investment portfolios to a must-have for all portfolios.

Why Should Investors Care About ESG Issues?

Research shows that companies that are managed responsibly deliver better long-term financial results. Additionally, firms that adhere to environmental efficiency, social awareness and high governance standards are well-positioned to withstand emerging risks and capitalise on new opportunities. Also, ESG allows investors to express their specific values in their portfolios if they so wish.

Car companies should have a strategy for ensuring passenger safety, and managing fleet fuel economy and emissions reductions.

Airlines should ensure that their aircraft are fitted with all the highest quality safety features at the time they go to market.

Social media platforms should be aware of — and held accountable for — risks related to data protection and consumer privacy.


Today, issues like climate change, information security and gender diversity are playing a growing role in company success.

Defining Your ESG Goals

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all areas of our lives and highlights how globally interconnected we are. Encouragingly, the crisis has sharpened the focus of governments, companies and society on tackling the longer term threat of climate change. It has also increased awareness of the significance of ESG issues in general. Amid environmental and societal challenges, and incoming ESG regulations, how can investors build long-term resilience in their portfolios while benefiting from new investment opportunities?

We advise that investors define and develop specific ESG investment objectives and goals, based on their vision, mission and investment goals. Common investor objectives can include alpha generation, risk mitigation, adhering to ESG regulations or aligning the portfolio to the investor’s values. Investment principles can be developed based on these objectives, which will form the ESG investment strategy.

ESG Investment Strategies

Investors can meet their specific ESG objectives through a range of investment strategies.


ESG Integration

Climate Investing

ESG for Index Investors

Data Analytics

We built a transparent, multi-source data architecture to help investors better understand their ESG exposures, takeaction to achieve their investment goals and monitor results.

ESG: Central to Our Investment Philosophy

At State Street, our mission is to invest responsibly to enable economic prosperity and social progress. We believe that identifying and systematically incorporating material ESG issues is integral to our role as fiduciaries of our clients’ capital. As one of the world’s largest asset managers, we can partner with clients to achieve their ESG objectives through our global expertise in ESG research, investment strategy and data analytics, leveraging our top rated* ESG capabilities.

Through strong engagement, voting and thought leadership, we have seen companies respond to our calls to action to enhance diversity at the board level, strengthen board leadership and improve disclosure on their sustainability practices.

Further information on our stewardship approach can be found in our Annual Stewardship Report.

For details on our ESG investment processes, see our ESG Investment Statement.

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ESG has long been central to State Street Global Advisors’ mission — we invest responsibly to enable economic prosperity and social progress.

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