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Trading SPDR ETFs

Everything you need to know about the ETF trading ecosystem, from navigating the market to finding an optimal way to trade ETFs.

Access our Capital Markets Expertise

The ETF Capital Markets team oversees the ETF trading ecosystem and manages relationships with ETF traders, authorised participants, market makers, exchanges, platforms, and broker-dealers.

The team offers:

Liquidity Connections

Connecting investors with liquidity providers including market makers, broker dealers and authorised participants.

Indicative Transaction Costs

Providing investors with insights on trading strategies and associated costs.

Product Expertise

Helping investors gain insights on ETF liquidity, trading costs, primary and secondary market trading processes.

We Are Here to Help

The team is dedicated to assisting institutional investors and financial advisers who are:

  • Seeking to trade SPDR ETFs on or off-exchange
  • Looking for a pre-trade analysis
  • Comparing the Total Cost of Ownership of ETFs

Insights and Research

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