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How to Trade ETFs

Our Capital Markets Team is focused on helping institutional investors, financial advisors and market participants trade ETFs efficiently and effectively.

State Street Global Advisors ETF Capital Markets Desk

As one of the best ETF Capital Markets teams in Asia Pacific, we oversee the SPDR ETF trading ecosystem and manage relationships with authorised participants, market makers, exchanges, platforms, and broker-dealers. 

We offer:

  • Liquidity Connections: We can support your trading by connecting you with liquidity providers.
  • Indicative Execution Price: We help drive the best execution strategies and ensure tighter spreads by tracking market trends and constantly watching over pricing.
  • Product Expertise: With a sound product knowledge, we can help you understand ETF liquidity, costs, creation/redemption and secondary market trading process
Who Should Call our Capital Markets Desk?

We are dedicated to assisting all institutional investors and financial advisors who are:

  • Seeking to place a large trade
  • New to trading ETFs
  • Looking for a trade consultation