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Diversify Your Portfolio With the Largest and Most Liquid Gold ETF

Gold ETFs offer investors the opportunity to:

  • Diversify portfolios beyond traditional asset classes such as equities and fixed income
  • Add an asset class that has historically low or negative correlation with most other asset classes to your portfolio
  • Invest in gold without the need for physical delivery and storage
  • Increase diversification to your portfolio

Expert Insights

SPDR ETFs invest in the underlying assets of each index they seek to replicate. With gold, this means our gold ETFs hold actual gold, not synthetic alternatives.

This makes State Street’s ETFs, in partnership with the World Gold Council, amongst the largest holders of physical gold in the world.

We believe this provides the most economical alternative to owning and storing actual gold bars.

We believe gold is an effective portfolio diversifier because of its historically low to negative correlation against other asset classes.

Gold Strategist, Robin Tsui, answers 5 key questions on Gold, including the impact of the US dollar, inflation, and outlook.

By Robin Tsui

 "Investors Have Seen Both The Dollar And Price Of Gold Increase In Recent Periods Of Uncertainty."

The dollar and gold historically have often moved in opposite directions, but not symmetrically, in part because there are other factors that may drive the gold price. Analyzing the period between January 1972 and June 2016, the price of gold has historically risen about three times as much during periods when the dollar weakens as it has fallen when the dollar is strengthening… Read more about this from our gold strategist, Robin Tsui including the following:

  • Has gold performed historically, during periods of low inflation?
  • Are interest rate hikes negative for gold?
  • Is there more upside potential than downside risk for gold?
  • How does gold rate in volatility compared to stock and bond indices?


Gold for Portfolios

Gold is both an investment and a consumer good. Global economic growth, income growth, monetary policy and market volatility drive demand. A strategic allocation to this unique asset class may help an investor to pursue the following potential benefits of gold.

December 31, 2018

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