Sector & Equity Compass

Our Sector & Equity Compass provides investors with an overview of recent sector and equity performance and flows, and also features our Sector Picks and equity regions in focus for the quarter ahead.

The Basics of Sector Investing

Selective Market Exposure

Dispersion Between Sector Returns

Risk Management

Idea Implementation

Implementing Sector Investing

Harnessing the Power of Sector Investing Through ETFs

Investing in sectors can align portfolios with broader market trends, giving exposure to specific factors and styles.

Sectors are particularly well suited to target certain economic variables and, when accessed through ETFs, investors can implement macroeconomic views simply and cost-effectively.2

  • Sectors offer a selective exposure with opportunities to potentially benefit from significant return dispersion
  • Investing in sectors can provide a better means of capturing thematic trends than individual stocks
  • ETFs are attractive tools for implementing economic and broader market views