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Three Clear Points for Your Client Communications

We’re currently in a place filled with change. Take advantage of the opportunity to reset, provide clarity to your clients and potentially reduce their anxiety, and ultimately better your practice and your engagements with each of those clients.

Once you’ve completed the second course on effectively communicating with clients , create the three clear points for your business and build a regular practice of reviewing those points.

Resetting for success
Thinking about your most valuable clients, consider what it is that they value most in working with you. Look at your most costly influencers too, to try to understand what it is that they expect that you don’t deliver. Using the information from each of those groups, you can hone in on what it is that you truly offer to clients, and what sets you apart from the competition.

Thinking about your business, answer the following questions. Remember to be as specific as possible.

  1. Brand Essence: What do you represent to your clients, and does that need to change now that we are moving forward into a new reality?
  2. Brand Promise: What promises do you make every day to your clients? What promises do you break?
  3. Client Experience: What do current client interactions look like now? How would your most valuable clients like them to look?

Building the Message: Pick Three Key Points
What are the three key messages that you want to embed in every conversation with your clients? What is bespoke to you and your offering versus your competitors? Your three keep points need to be aligned to your values in order for them to be authentic.

When you have determined your key points, take the time to reflect on them regularly:

  • Three days a week, set aside 55 minutes to review your client and brand data. 
  • After you first identify the points, continuously check that you are still on target. 
  • Personally speak with three clients a week and ask why they chose you or your team. Ask them to be specific in their responses – what makes the service excellent?
  • Do a test – do your clients’ reasons for choosing you match your three clear points?
  • Ask all of your team members to find ways to include the three clear points when they are communicating with clients. 
  • Once a week, review with your team how they have incorporated the three clear points into their communications with clients.

Keeping this exercise alive will help you to stay focused on goals. When you’re ready for the last class in the series, you can find it here .