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Investment Capabilities

Fixed Income Objective Thinking Yields Innovative Solutions

Efficiently accessing the targeted levels of income generation, capital preservation and risk exposure offered by fixed income can be challenging for investors of all sizes. This is especially true in less liquid sectors and regions. State Street’s SPDR® fixed income ETFs provide a cost-effective, liquid and transparent way to build your fixed income portfolio.

Fixed Income ETF Expertise

Intelligent fixed income indexing is in our DNA. Our fixed income ETFs are built and powered by the same expertise and resources that have made us one of the world’s leading fixed income institutional managers and a pioneer in ETF investing.

Across regions and sectors, we bring a unique combination of market knowledge, product expertise and scale to our SPDR ETF fixed income range. As the creator of the first US-listed ETF, we have more than 25 years of experience helping investors build strong, flexible portfolios.

Choosing ETFs for Your Fixed Income Allocation

Since their introduction in 2002, fixed income ETFs have helped investors to:

Lower Costs

Improve Liquidity

Increase Transparency

Target Duration

Modulate Credit Risk

Ways to Use Fixed Income ETFs

Investors implement fixed income ETFs for a broad array of objectives, including:

  • Creating custom portfolios using indexes across a wide array of bond subsectors
  • Building adaptable beta solutions to equitize cash or provide easy reinvestment of accumulated coupon payments
  • Targeting trends by rotating efficiently in and out of asset classes based on macro, technical or fundamental trends