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Investment Capabilities

Choose Bond ETFs to Pursue Income

Rising interest rates and persistent inflation make generating income more challenging. The unique attributes of ETFs — liquidity, transparency, and lower costs — can help.

Why Bond ETFs?

Diversify and trade easily

ETFs offer exposure to multiple bonds in a single trade. And their robust liquidity means you can trade them faster and more cost-efficiently than single-name bonds.

Fine tune rate and credit risk

Bond ETFs range from government and investment-grade credit through to high yield and emerging market debt. So it’s easy to tailor portfolios to match your market views and goals.

Lower costs

ETF expense ratios are significantly lower than those of mutual funds, across both indexed and active strategies1. So you keep more of your returns.

Benefits of Bond ETFs

Bond Market Research

Four trends highlight the increasingly important role ETFs play in building and managing bond portfolios

Bond Market Insights

Bond Investing Expertise

SPDR Bond ETFs are powered by the same institutional expertise and resources that make us one of the world’s leading fixed income managers.