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Timewise Target Retirement Funds

Investment Design For Workplace Pension Plans

The concept of retirement remains constant. The reality of retirement continues to change. This means DC default strategies have to evolve.

Watch to learn how our target retirement funds offer a dynamic and flexible investment solution to members in workplace pension schemes.

This short video covers:

  • What is Timewise?
  • What are the key benefits?

When it comes to retirement saving, people unsurprisingly prefer uncomplicated and intuitive solutions. They want to feel confident that their investments are on the right track, not just today, but right the way through to retirement. These are the guiding principles behind the design of the Timewise Target Retirement Funds.

Understanding people's retirement and pension expectations is a crucial starting point for investment design. Our research–driven approach has three key aims:

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Our research shows that defined contribution scheme members prefer to leave complex investment decisions to trusted experts so that they can focus on the two things they feel they can control; when to retire and how much to save.

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Guide to Target Retirement Funds

Our Target Retirement Funds offer scheme sponsors an ideal default fund.

Review Performance Since Inception

Celebrating 3 years of Timewise and innovation in DC pension provision

Glide Path Review

Dynamic. Adaptable. Intuitive. Timewise Target Retirement Funds 2017 Annual Review.

The Timewise Target Retirement Funds glide path. A more intelligent approach to investment design.

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From the very first day a member starts contributing to their pension, right through to the day they retire, the asset allocation in Timewise Target Retirement Funds is expertly managed.

The aim of our glide path approach is to ensure that people are invested in the right asset classes at the right time – throughout all the phases of their working lives.

Seeking Better Member Outcomes

For many trustees and scheme sponsors Timewise Target Retirement Funds will be a compelling choice for a default investment option. With an intelligently devised and cost-effective combination of assets, the funds offer a powerful and flexible investment solution for people in workplace pension schemes.

  • Glide path helps to manage risk
    Our glide path and built-in risk management tools are designed to help address the common risks members face when investing for retirement: shortfall, inflation, market volatility and conversion risks.
  • Broad asset class exposure improves diversification
    As a result of increased diversification, members' investments can benefit from reduced volatility with the potential to optimise risk-adjusted returns over time.
  • Continual asset class evolution
    By combining our proprietary macroeconomic forecasts with decades of institutional portfolio management experience, we design efficient long-term asset allocations.
  • More value for workplace savers
    A foundation of institutional-quality indexed assets is designed to provide optimum value for people in workplace pension schemes, so they can keep more of what their investment portfolios earn over time.

Note: Timewise Target Retirement Funds are available to UK investors only

Guide to Transaction Costs

This brochure aims to help DC schemes understand the components of transaction costs and explains SSGA’s approach to managing them.