Multi-Asset Class

In today’s market, returns are less certain and risks come from new and unexpected places. Finding the right balance across asset classes can help capture additional value and preserve your portfolio.

Our Multi-Asset Class Solutions Strategies  

Strategic Asset Allocation
We design customized strategic allocation solutions based on your investment objectives, portfolio composition and forecasted market conditions.

Target Retirement

SSGA’s Target Retirement strategies aim to provide cost-effective, balanced, precise risk-matched levels of exposure across global asset classes in a convenient investment vehicle.

Fiduciary Advisory Services

Through experienced and collaborative counsel, we can help you improve multi-asset class investment and governance decision-making amidst the challenge of shifting market and regulatory environments.

Tactical Asset Allocation
Our tactical allocation portfolios reflect changes in the asset class valuations relative to your strategic benchmark. The approach seeks to outperform the benchmark while being calibrated to your risk tolerance.

Exposure Management
These strategies maintain asset class exposures in an efficient, liquid manner while helping you to manage cash balances.

Liability-Driven Investing
Our approach to LDI is a total portfolio solution that considers growth, risk and known funding requirements. The strategies aim to meet necessary return targets while managing against your asset-liability dynamics to reduce shortfall risk.

Custom Solutions
ISG offers alternative asset classes and non-traditional portfolio construction implementations. These strategies include:
• Real Assets*
• Risk Parity**
• Multisource Active Commodities***

*Real Assets - Physical or tangible assets that usually have low correlation to traditional markets.
**Risk Parity - Investment approach that allocates risk rather than allocation of capital.
***Multisource Active Commodities - This is the name of an SSGA Strategy.