Active Quantitative Equity

Active Quantitative Equity

Active Quantitative Equity

Our Active Quantitative Equity Strategies employ a systematic investment process, based on economic fundamentals, to uncover the market inefficiencies which drive security mispricings.  Constant research and innovation are at the core of delivering outperformance for our clients.

Global Defensive Equity* Strategy

The Global Defensive Equity Strategy was recognized a winner in the Global Core Equity category at the U.S. Investment Management Awards. Award selection is based on factors such as 1-, 3-, and 5-year performance, Sharpe ratio, information ratio, standard deviation and upside capture.

The Global Defensive Equity Strategy seeks a balance in managing risk and growth opportunities. The team weighs risk aware portfolio construction against stock selection considerations, aiming for a low risk portfolio with reasonable valuations and exposures to stocks that can offer robust free cash flow generation, high quality balance sheets and improving sentiment.

This website provides summary information regarding the Strategy. It should be read in conjunction with the Strategy's Disclosure Document, which is available from SSGA. The Strategy Disclosure Document contains important information about the Strategy, including a description of a number of risks.

 * Prior to October 1, 2016 the strategy was named Global Managed Volatility Alpha.


Alpha - A measure of performance on a risk-adjusted basis.

Global Core Equity Category - Global Core Equities invest primarily in small, mid, and large capitalization stocks with fundamental characteristics between growth and value or products that invest in a relatively even mix of growth and value stocks/sectors. The expected benchmarks for this universe would include the MSCI World index and the MSCI ACWI index.

Index - a statistical measure of the changes in a portfolio of securities representing a portion of the overall market.

Information Ratio - Represents the ratio of portfolio returns above the returns of a benchmark to the volatility of those returns.

MSCI ACWI Index - A market capitalization weighted index designed to provide a broad measure of equity-market performance throughout the world, including emerging markets.

MSCI World Index - A market capitalization weighted index designed to provide a broad measure of equity-market performance throughout the developed world.

Sharpe Ratio - The ratio represents the average return earned in excess of the risk free rate per level of volatility. It is used as a measure of risk adjusted returns.

Standard Deviation - Quantifies how much a series of numbers vary around the mean. A higher standard deviation would indicate more fluctuation.

Upside Capture - Quantifies how well an investment manager performed relative to an index during periods when that index has risen.