Active Equity


Active Equity

Active Equity

We harness disciplined, research-driven investment processes designed to achieve attractive excess returns over the long term.

Uncovering Investment Opportunities

  • SSGA has a long history in active equity investing, dating back over 30 years.
  • Our capabilities span market caps, geographies and investment styles.
  • Rigorous research based on company fundamentals is at the heart of all of our active equity approaches.
  • We offer capabilities in both fundamental and quantitative styles.

Active Fundamental Equity
A commitment to bottom-up, fundamental research underlies all of our  Active Fundamental Equity Strategies.  As experts in their industries, our analysts can spot early trends and opportunities.  Our portfolio managers harness these ideas to construct high-conviction portfolios for our clients.
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Active Quantitative Equity
Our Active Quantitative Equity Strategies employ a systematic investment process, based on economic fundamentals, to uncover the market inefficiencies which drive security mispricings.  Constant research and innovation are at the core as we strive to deliver outperformance for our clients.
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Goldilocks Backdrop Favors Equity Growth


With interest in factor investing as an alpha generator growing, investors are keen to know how quant managers specify and incorporate factor signals into their investment models.

The New Active

Active Investing

The combination of big data and artificial intelligence is transforming how active managers identify new factor signals to build better alpha models.