Smart Beta Newsletter

August 2018

Global Factor Trends


Understanding Factor Cyclicality

Each smart beta factor is capable of outperforming the broad market over time, but performance can vary by economic environment. Discover more about factor cyclicality and how to deal with it.


How to Allocate to Smart Beta Within a Multi-Manager Equity Program

We talk with Ric Thomas, Head of Research of the Investment Solutions Group at State Street Global Advisors, about how smart beta can be utilized in an active equity program.

Topic of the Quarter

How are Investors Positioned in Smart Beta?

Smart beta strategies are continuing to gain traction in the marketplace. How are investors positioning themselves? We present a comprehensive summary of flows into smart beta ETFs in the US and Europe.

Making It Work

Due Diligence Checklist for Smart Beta

Expertise and experience, the approach to factors, and the handling of risk are critical considerations when choosing a Smart Beta manager. Use our checklist to guide you through some of the most important questions to ask when making this important decision.

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