Factor Investing


Factor Investing

Factor Investing

With 30 years of factor investing experience and a wide range of factor-based solutions, we offer a robust toolkit for clients to solve any investment challenge.


Factor Investing: The New Essentials

  • Factors are the essential, underlying drivers of portfolio returns.
  • Factor-based portfolios can help clients enhance returns, manage risk, and improve efficiencies.
  • Investors can express a view through broad, macroeconomic factors that affect capital market returns, such as interest rates, inflation or growth, or security-level factors such as value, size and quality for equities and credit, term structure and liquidity for fixed income.

A Knowledgeable Partner

  • Expertise across asset classes.
  • Over 30 years of experience managing factor-based strategies.
  • $131 billion in factor-based AUM.*

    *as of 11/30/2016

Latest Thinking

Factor Investing

The New Investment Reality

Lower-For-Longer Return Expectations Heighten Factor Investing Interest.