September 2018

Investment Research

Ideas That Make a Difference

From inflation to intangibles, find out how we’re thinking about the future of investing.

From The CIO

Why Ideas Matter to Investment

Deputy CIO Lori Heinel talks about the importance of ideas in improving investment outcomes for our clients.

Our Latest Thinking

Establishing a value on intangible assets such as technological patents and drug research and development is inherently difficult. Nonetheless, it is becoming increasingly important for determining industry winners and losers.

Inflation expectations have become a bigger determinant of inflation than cyclical unemployment. Lower long-term inflation expectations that lead to lower inflation may have far-reaching implications for investment returns and asset allocation.

Various factors within the term structure of interest rates and across bond sectors offer potential opportunities for investors to add excess returns in fixed income portfolios. This article provides a framework with which to assess the persistence and applicability of these structural risk premia for different types of portfolios.

Getting the right balance between public and private equity is vital to building the right portfolio. Our research helps improve the accuracy of allocating between the two.