Active Quantitative Equity Quarterly

June 2019 


The Myths of Emerging Markets Investing

Compelling narratives have a way of taking hold in popular consciousness, whether or not they accurately reflect reality. In this podcast, Chris Laine, Senior Portfolio Manager on the Active Quantitative Equity team, busts some of the most compelling myths about EM investing – and shines light on the kernels of truth that reside within those myths.


Time to Re-Evaluate Health Care Stocks

Political uncertainty sparked a selloff in US health care stocks in March and April.

The Chart

Many Widely Used Approaches to Portfolio Construction Underestimate Market Risk. Here’s What Equity Investors Should Consider

Many commonly used approaches to portfolio construction assume that, over time, the returns on financial assets will conform to a certain pattern called “normal distribution.” This has not played out in practice.

Getting to 7%

How Enhanced Strategies Can Help You Get More from Your Equity Allocation

Learn why a traditional core/satellite approach to equity portfolio allocation may not, in fact, be the most efficiant use of a crucial resource: the risk budget.

Team Top 5

Beach Reads

As beach season approaches in North America and Europe, we asked the Active Quantitative Equity team to share their favorite books to read while catching some rays.

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