Active Quantitative Equity Quarterly

September 2018

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Podcast 002

How Equity Investors Have Harnessed the Alpha-Generating Power of ESG

Can ESG-related considerations offer an information edge for alpha-seeking equity investors? Our research says yes. Anna Lester and Chen He talk through how we put ESG to work to help boost returns while managing risk.


Why It’s Critical to Look at Growth Through a Value Lens

Earnings growth has been a major driver of equity-market performance this year, but it remains important for equity investors to use a value lens when selecting growth companies.

The Chart

A Record-Breaking Bull Run for Equities

The current S&P500 bull market recently galloped into the history books as the longest on record. And that may not even be the most remarkable thing about it.

Strategy Spotlight

Emerging Markets Enhanced SRI

A Q&A with Andy Wright, Head of Portfolio Management, UK for Active Quantitative Equity, on how a socially responsible, enhanced-active approach can help equity investors achieve their goals.

Team Top 5

Documentary Films

It’s hard to think of a more compelling storytelling medium than the documentary. Here are the Active Quantitative Equity Team’s top five choices.

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