Active Quantitative Equity Quarterly

December 2018 

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Inside the Mind of a Quant, Part 1

In the first installment of a two-part series, this in-depth conversation with Olivia Engel, Chief Investment Officer for Active Quantitative Equity, explores how deeply ingrained, human behavioral biases drive markets – and how quantitative methods can be a uniquely powerful way not only to mitigate their influence, but also to exploit the opportunities they present.


How Sentiment Can Help Investors Choose Better Stocks

Although sentiment is a useful and important theme, we believe investors should be wary of stocks that may benefit in the short term from positive sentiment, but could suffer in the long term if they are overvalued.

The Chart

The US Government, Corporations and Consumers Are Gorging on Debt. This Is What It Means for Equity Investors.

Comparing US government debt to GDP doesn’t seem to give much to worry about – but comparing total US debt to GDP yields a very different picture.

Getting to 7%

Five Things Every Investor Targeting 7%+ Total Portfolio Returns Should Consider Today

As equity markets draw closer to their inflection point, the question of how investors can reach 7%+ total portfolio returns is becoming increasingly urgent. Here are the five main points that experts from State Street Global Advisors think every investor should consider right now.

Team Top 5

Books Every Investor Should Read

We asked the AQE team to share a book that they believe every investor would benefit from reading. Here are their top choices.

For more than 30 years, research and innovation have been at the core of our efforts to deliver outperformance for our clients.

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