Official Institutions

Official Institutions

Specialized Experience That Runs Deep

Finding Solutions for the Public Sector

In the years since the global financial crisis, many central banks, governments and sovereign wealth funds have taken the opportunity to re-examine traditional investment approaches and processes, making refinements where needed to better prepare for the future.

With a dedicated focus on central bank reserves and official sector funds, SSGA’s Official Institutions Group (OIG) works closely with sovereign clients to help navigate today’s shifting market landscape. Currently managing more than $359.6 billion for 84 central banks, sovereign wealth fund and government clients worldwide,¹ OIG brings over a decade of experience to help solve unique challenges of official institutions.

Our array of customizable strategies spans the asset classes and active/indexing spectrum. In addition, OIG provides technical advice and skills- transfer capabilities in virtually all aspects of investment and risk management, as well as informed insights on strategic policy issues.

¹ As of June 30, 2016

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