Approach, Philosophy, Mission

Our Approach to Investing

As the world’s third largest asset manager1, with a portfolio management team of more than 5002 long-tenured investment professionals, our clients have access to a global network of investment expertise. We recognize that both index and actively managed investments are essential to sophisticated portfolios and we offer one of the most comprehensive product and solutions offerings in the industry, across the risk/reward spectrum – from core indexing, to multi-asset strategies, to active quant and fundamental active. We are grounded in a disciplined, rigorous, and analytical investment approach, regardless of asset class or vehicle.

Our Investment Philosophy

  • Understanding multiple dimensions of a client’s long-term objectives and liabilities is key to creating successful investment outcomes.
  • Asset allocation is the primary driver of long-term returns:
    • Investors need efficient access to a broad universe of capital market exposures
    • Focus should be on underlying risks, not asset class labels
  • Markets are not always efficient due to behavioral biases, informational inefficiencies and limits to arbitrage, leading to opportunities for excess return.
  • Capital- and risk-efficient portfolios can be achieved through a thoughtful and precise combination of market-, factor- and idiosyncratic-risk, and manager skill.

Our Mission

At State Street Global Advisors we believe investing responsibly enables economic prosperity and social progress. We are driven by a desire to help our clients, and those who rely on them, achieve a better future. We accomplish this in a variety of ways.

  • We work with employers to help millions of people live more secure and dignified retirements.
  • We help endowments and foundations fund educational, scientific, and environmental breakthroughs.
  • We collaborate with financial advisors to help their clients reach their financial goals.
  • We help countries build their infrastructure, implement monetary policy and save for future generations.

We partner with corporations to help them meet their financial commitments and reinvest in their businesses.


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2Investment Professionals as of 9/30/17