Our Philosophy

Our Mission
At State Street Global Advisors, our mission is clear: we believe investing responsibly enables economic prosperity and social progress. We achieve this in a variety of ways. First and foremost, we help millions of people live more secure and dignified lives in retirement and collaborate with financial advisors to help their clients reach their financial goals. We also work with the institutions communities rely on for progress – funding educational, scientific, and environmental breakthroughs with endowments and foundations, helping countries build their infrastructure and implement monetary policy, and partnering with corporations to help them meet their financial commitments and reinvest in their businesses. Whether it is developing policy solutions that improve financial markets or integrating leading Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) capabilities into the investment frameworks of our clients, our focus is always on the same thing: long-term results that are responsible and sustainable.

Our Approach
A pioneer in index investing, State Street Global Advisors today has one of the most comprehensive product and solutions offerings in the industry, with capabilities spanning both traditional and non-traditional asset classes across the full range of active and index investing disciplines. But what truly sets us apart is what we believe. State Street Global Advisors works closely with investors to better understand their needs and objectives, and to develop thoughtful, precise solutions that can help meet a wide range of investment goals.

At State Street Global Advisors, we are guided by these core values:

  • Dialogue & Partnership: There is no one size fits all approach. In fact, many solutions we develop are co-created in partnership with our own clients or other financial services firms to help solve a problem or challenge.

  • Experience & Rigorous Research: Our deep analytical capabilities and commitment to precision are essential to finding the right solution to meet our client’s objectives or improve how we operate.

  • Responsible Innovation: Every product or solution we build should stand the test of time and be designed to help our clients achieve their investing goals in a cost efficient way.

  • Client Fiduciary, Steward & Advocate: We put our clients’ long-term interests ahead of our own and we believe it is our responsibility to advocate for them on important industry, regulatory governance and market issues on their behalf.

  • Challenge & Debate: We believe a work environment that encourages candor and diverse opinions results in better outcomes for our clients.

  • Leadership: Client success and company performance depends on strong leadership that inspires employees and attracts and develops the best talent in the world.