Asset Stewardship

Our Responsibility to Shareholders  
At State Street Global Advisors, one of our most important responsibilities is to be long-term stewards of the assets we manage. That is why we actively engage with companies across a range of important governance and sustainability issues to ensure companies in our portfolio are appropriately focused on long-term value creation.

Using Our Voice and Our Vote - Focusing on ESG Factors in Long-Term Value Creation
We use our voice or our vote, at State Street Global Advisors, to influence ESG practices in our portfolio companies.  We are committed to ensuring that the companies whose assets we manage are focused on not simply on short-term gains, but long-term value. Each year, State Street Global Advisors provides clear guidance to companies on important, emerging governance and sustainability related topics.

Environmental & Social:  Incorporating Sustainability into Long-Term Strategy
At the same time, in an age of rapid technological change, companies increasingly need to articulate their strategies around not only good corporate governance, but also talent development, innovation and sustainability not only to remain viable and competitive but also to maintain credibility among investors.

SSGA’s ESG Investing Capabilities

Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in managing environmental, social and governance (ESG) portfolios, we serve as responsible stewards of assets entrusted to our care. With $176 billion in ESG assets under management1 , we work diligently to help clients achieve their investment objectives. Serving the largest and most sophisticated institutional investors, we have the expertise and resources to tailor ESG solutions to individual client needs.

Thought Leadership

Guidelines and Attributes for Effective Independent Board Leadership
SSGA’s Guidance on Enhancing Gender Diversity on Boards

Statement on SSGA’s Adherence to the US Stewardship Principles

SSGA's Response to Green Paper on Corporate Governance Reform
Promoting Sustainable Value - A Letter From Ron O'Hanley
Guidelines for Mitigating Reputational Risk in C-Suite Pay
Climate Change Risk Oversight Framework For Directors
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Changing Board Practices and Culture to Meet Investor Expectations

Client Newsletter & Voting Statistics
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Stewardship Activity Report: Q4 - 2016
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Australian Proxy Voting Records 2015/2016

Compliance and Regulatory Responses

Statement on SSGA’s Adherence to the US Stewardship Principles
SSGA's Statement on the UK Stewardship Code
Concept Release – Business and Financial Disclosure Required By Regulation S-K

Voting Guidelines

2017 Proxy Voting and Engagement Guidelines: Australia and New Zealand
2017 Proxy Voting and Engagement Guidelines: Rest of the World
2017 Proxy Voting and Engagement Guidelines: Europe
2017 Proxy Voting and Engagement Guidelines: Japan
2017 Proxy Voting and Engagement Guidelines: UK and Ireland
2017 Proxy Voting and Engagement Guidelines: United States
2017 Global Proxy Voting and Engagement Principles
Summary of Material Changes to SSGA’s 2017 Proxy Voting and Engagement Principles and Market Specific Guidelines
SSGA's Issuer Engagement Protocol
SSGA’s Fixed Income (“FI”) Stewardship Program
Managing Conflicts of Interest Arising from SSGA’s Proxy Voting and Engagement Activities

1As of 12/31/16